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The Local Organizing Committee organizes the 41st ISPA Conference in collaboration with the ISPA Central Office in Amsterdam (Executive Secretary: Davy Blekman, ZonderZorg).

Scientific Committee (SC)

  • Alexander Grob  Prof. Dr., Head of Division, Personality and Developmental Psychology, University of Basel, SC Chair.
  • Thomas Aebi  Dr. phil., Co-director, Cantonal Centre for Child Guidance, Langenthal BE.
  • Letizia Gauck  Dr. phil., Centre for Personality and Developmental Psychology ZEPP, University of Basel.
  • Tina Hascher  Prof. Dr., Institute of Educational Sciences, University of Berne.
  • Helen Hertzsch  Dr. phil., Kompetenzzentrum Schulpsychologie BW, Tübingen.
  • Philip Jaffé  Prof. Dr., Center for Children's Rights Studies, University of Geneva.
  • Irina Kammerer  Dr. phil, MAS Training Programme in School Psychology, University of Zurich.
  • Lilly Shanahan  Prof. Dr., Clinical Developmental Psychology, University of Zurich, and Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development.
  • Christoph Steinebach  Prof. Dr., Director, School of Applied Psychology, University of Applied Sciences, Zurich.

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

  • Jürg Forster  Dr. phil., child psychologist and lecturer at the Universities of Basel and Zurich, ISPA past president (2011-13), LOC Chair.
  • Stephanie Abgottspon  MSc, school psychologist, Basel
  • Nina Claus-Pröstler  Dr., SEED Doctoral Training Programme in School Psychology and Developmental Diagnostics, University of Basel.
  • Philipp Ramming  lic. phil., SKJP President.  Psychologist, Cantonal Centre for Child Guidance, Berne.


Co-hosts of ISPA 2019:
University of Basel Swiss Association
for Child and Youth Psychology  (SKJP)
Conference Organizer

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ISPA Conference 2019 - Basel Switzerland
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